Be Still…

Last Sunday, Chad wrote this while at Third Space. A bit of inspired wisdom…

Be still and know that I am God. Why are you trying so hard to find me when I am right here with you? Step back and open your eyes.

I will always be there with you, I will never let you go or let you down.

Spiritual Formation in Community

023“Spiritual formation occurs primarily in the context of community. People who remain connected with their brothers and sisters in the local church almost invariably grow in self-understanding, and they mature in their ability to relate in healthy ways to God and to their fellow human beings.

This is especially the case for those courageous Christians who stick it out through the often messy process of interpersonal discord an conflict resolution. Long-term interpresonal relationships are the crucible of genuine progress in the Christian life. People who stay also grow.”

From “When the Church Was a Family: Recapturing Jesus’ Vision for Authentic Christian Community” by Joseph H. Hellerman

Micro-Church / Dinner Church

Dinner ChurchYou’ve heard of the ‘Mega-Church’? Meet the Micro-Church. A quote from the full article:

And so here we are, with our thousand square feet. Designing a space for a Dinner Church has been a curious process. We’ll have no steeple, no bell tower, no rows of pews or stained glass windows. During a community planning process this Spring, our architect asked the congregation, “What makes space sacred?” Quiet, they told her. Beautiful things made by hand. Natural materials. The way the light comes in.


And what happens around those tables, designed to encourage the people of God to see one another, face to face? I would argue that justice, too, begins on a micro-scale at our church. It starts small, with relationships built around the table. I believe that every time a congregation sits down with someone from whom they would otherwise be divided, justice is made. The conversation between the recently homeless man and the recent college graduate. She may have passed him on a street corner earlier today, but tonight they are talking over a bowl of stir fry. Later, they will do the dishes together. And after that they may change their corner of the world for the better. To know the other always takes place on the smallest level possible: one human sitting down with another. But in doing so, we encounter something huge: the limitless presence of God.

Prayer for Sunday Morning

celtic_crossGiver of Life,

We acknowledge that this is sacred space.

We acknowledge that this is a time and a place that we set apart in our lives so that we might meet with you.

We long to hear your voice.
We long to hear your affirmation of love for us.
We long to know your heart.
We long to experience your touch.

We acknowledge, that we are broken people.

We have sinned, and come short of the glory of God.
We have become immune to sin, comfortable with sin, on speaking terms with sin.
We have had sins done to us, and carry their darkness and pain.
We have witnessed the sinfulness of the world, even as we bear witness to our own sinfulness.

Forgive us, Lord.

We want to hear your voice in the sacred space of our minds.
We want to hear your affirmation in the sacred space of our longing.
We want to know your heart in the sacred space of our heart.
We want to experience your touch in the sacred space of our need.

We acknowledge that we are a people being healed.
We acknowledge that we are people who have been freed from death.
We acknowledge that all the love, the power, the glory and the blessings of God
are ours in Jesus Christ,
And we are grateful.


Celtic Blessing

“Within each human breast shines two mystic hearts, one hid subtly within the other. The outer one loves and desires the beauties of the outer world, and in obtaining them is led into happiness and song; and in losing them, into grief and lamentation.

But the inner heart is a secret heart. It gazes with unbroken rapture into the Great Mystery that is the soul’s true desire. Gaining or losing do not disturb this gaze. All things are perceived in their true nature, and living is delivered from all limitation.” (Celtic Blessings, by Michael Green)

Good Friday Meditation

Jesus BlueTime to Break the Silence
by Doug Langille

A cross is carried to Golgotha
And our Lord is hoisted high.
Above the crowd that continues to gather,
As Mary begins to cry.

A silence thunders through the crowd
As the crucifixion begins.
But Jesus does not pray to save himself,
He asks forgiveness of our sins.

The Good Shepherd rises above the wolves
Protecting His faithful flock.
And all are saved that believe in Him,
Though for now, they remain in shock.

Please forgive us Lord, for we have sinned.
Our silence speaks so loud.
We voiced no opposition,
Concealed within the crowd.

We turned our backs in Your time of need,
Something You would never do.
For a moment we thought of just ourselves
And then Your life was through.

And although this fulfills the scriptures,
Prophecy does not lessen our pain.
There is so much that we need to learn.
Teacher come back again!

You forgot to tell us the parable, Lord,
Where the shepherd returns to his father’s home.
And what becomes of his frightened lambs,
When left to walk alone?

Or had You already prepared us, Lord,
Through the seeds that You have sown?
Placing us in the good soil
And then nurturing, until we had grown.